A Souk and the Largest Store in the UAE Together

A Souk and the Largest Store in the UAE Together
By Naveen Marasinghe

Among the greatest attractions in Wafi City is Wafi Mall. This massive shopping mall was opened in 2001 and homes over 200 stores showcasing a wide variety of items. In recent years the mall has made some additions that include the Khan Murjan and Salam Shop.

Salam Shop is the single largest store in the United Arab Emirates with it’s 10,000 square metre facilities. The store supplies the world’s leading brands and products across four divisions. These are men and women’s fashion and devices, perfumes and cosmetics, photography and residence accessories. The store also includes a health spa, restaurant, in addition to a special children’s department. While Salam store is a hip, modern and energised store, the Khan Murjan offers a more typical environment.

The Khan Murjan is a souk in Dubai that could be accessed from Wafi Mall along with Raffles Dubai which is a luxury hotel in Dubai. Both level subterranean souk attributes dining establishments, artist’s hideaways, coffeehouse and conference areas. Khan Murjan in Dubai houses over 150 exposition shops and its architecture contains a varied variety of Islamic influences. To make this possible a selection of materials were lowered from other nations consisting of sculpted rock from Egypt, woodcarvings from Syria, as well as hand painted mosaic floor tile layouts from Turkey.

As a result of this the Souk is divided into 4 quarters which are the , Syrian, Egyptian and Turkish quarters. Each quarter uses a visual treat in addition to a different quarter relevant ambience. One area of Khan Murjan showcases a lovely glass mosaic ceiling that extends throughout the centre. Inspiration for the amazing souk was attracted from the original Khan Murjan that was built in Baghdad throughout the 14th century and functioned as an inn for travelers and traders.

At the center of the souk is an open roofed yard restaurant situated with a backdrop of Wmawi Age style. The restaurant features a traditional water wheel where individuals could collect to indulge in an authentically prepared dish with kiln baked breads. Khan Murjan is a major landmark in the city of Dubai since its creation, with its outstanding architectural appeal as well as the energetic crowds, stores and artisan housed in its walls. The stores at the souk use a wide range of masterpieces from a selection of the Arab world’s most famous craftsman.

The Souk is open daily from 10 am till 10pm and till twelve o’clock at night on Thursday’s and Fridays. Visitors planning on visiting the souk and Wafi Shopping mall might locate a [http://dubai.raffles.com/] Dubai hotel such as Raffles Dubai supplying an optimal location for going to the souk.

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