A Spa Resort With a Difference

A Spa Resort With a Difference
By Paul Mcindoe

Legend tells of a place where water streamed freely in an or else barren desert from a spring fed by old below ground lakes. The trees were alive with birds, and gazelles relaxed below them to run away the midday sunlight. Sometimes the evasive Arabian leopard was glimpsed distant and herds of Oryx gathered together at its swimming pool.

Tale proceeds, telling how the selfishness of guy resulted in Al Maha being consumed by sand and over the generations many were shed looking for the legendary sanctuary, until one boy found his falcon set down after a slender branch sprouting small green fallen leaves. Recognizing this indicator of life as an indicator of water, he returned with his siblings. After eliminating the rock obstructing the spring, the brothers enjoyed amazed as the water started to clean the sands away, disclosing the ancient walls of the camp. Al Maha was born-again.

Now this marvelous sanctuary is the website of the Al Maha Desert Hotel & Medspa, a haven away from suppressing cities and crowded coastlines. A handful of suites, each with their very own pool, are scattered around the hotel with breathtaking views over the desert dunes. All of the water used is returned to the lakes through a unique irrigation system so you could kick back in their health facility or in your swimming pool risk-free in the knowledge that you are not losing this most priceless of sources.

Each area has its very own personal team, including a housekeeper, and supper could be offered on your personal outdoor patio (prepared by your individual chef), in the dining hall or out on the dunes.

A refuge amid the sands, the spa will treat you until your skin shines and you feel unwinded and renewed. Timeless treatments made from Arabic days and incense will cover you in a cocoon of comfort as you gaze out over sights of the surrounding desert and mountains.

Guests are qualified to two complimentary activities per day throughout their stay. Falconry, camel expeditions, steed riding and archery are some of the most popular, while the more adrenalin fuelled can require to the dunes on a sturdy 4×4 journey. Led nature walks can be an eye opening experience, and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment can be located calling the animals as they stray past the hotel.

The Al Maha Desert Resort & Day spa is an environmentally friendly resort that twinkles like a mirage underneath blue skies and stimulates real luxury without glimmering high-rises and hectic living. Indeed, you could well locate that an oasis of spiritual recovery while vacationing with [http://www.kuoni.co.uk/holiday/north_africa_and_middle_east/united_arab_emirates/dubai_index.html] Dubai holidays may simply be exactly what you need.

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