A Splendid Day in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination for the rich and all backed with luxurious hotels ruling the skyline and shopping running the headlines. Though, a bit of local knowledge and information introduces up myriad number of cost effective and friendly experiences. Beneath the veil of showiness and charm, the city’s exquisite and profound charisma could easily be missed. Though, lift the mask of this glamorous and enchanting diamond city, and the significance of Arab is promptly found in the traditional, active and energetic souqs located at the heart of this age-old trading port. Go a little deeper and you will actually find the aura of a crowd very much proud of their desert legacy and culture. In fact, latest news in Dubai could also be very helpful in knowing more about the city, its culture, upcoming events, climate and much more like that.

In the desert, go for a hot air balloon flight that concedes the peace and serenity of the area. At the time of sunrise, the sand actually glows like a flavourful and rich reddish gold in colour, all surrounded by the green oasis, huge sea of dunes broken by the occasional track path, and straying camels. The silence and the tranquillity you will experience, is going to be the quietest meal you will have there. What is the right time to visit the city, which months are more preferable and other information, one can even search for by looking up latest news in Dubai.

Adding to this, Dubai is also known as the city of oasis, in fact one of the biggest oases in the world is there in Dubai mall that is the three storey aquarium at its magnificent centrepiece. With both entertainment and shopping, the place in itself embodies the affluence and wealth that has been quirked from the desert sands. Not to forget, take one of the speediest and quickest lifts in the world in that mall to 124th floor that is reckoned as the tallest building in the world. The top view provides a distinct and unparalleled view of 360 degree of the entire city set against the amazing and striking scenery of the Arabian Sea and the desert. Roam the paths down to Creek, get a water taxi and pamper yourself with the surroundings consisting of modern day buildings, tall skyscrapers, mesmerizing view and more that makes a dream like backdrop come true. Moreover there is a very famous and popular gold souq in the city where not only gold but in fact pearls, diamonds and valuable gems impress thousands of people from all over the world. Undoubtedly, it is going to be chaotic, crowded but absolutely stunning place to must visit in Dubai.

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