A Tale of Two Skyscrapers – From the Empire State Building to the Burj Khalifa

A Tale of Two Skyscrapers – From the Empire State Building to the Burj Khalifa
By David Porat


One consider the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, built approximately 4500 years ago, is proof sufficient to recognize that the attraction in accumulating to the sky is absolutely nothing new.

In the modern period, the construction of the tallest skyscraper in the world has actually ended up being an idee fixe. Vanity filled personalities, companies and nations have actually been fanatically developing taller and taller high-rise buildings, sometimes with little or no economic usefulness.

We will certainly concentrate here on 2 of the most remarkable high-rises ever constructed: the Realm State Building in New york city and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Allow us start with a couple of fast truths:

The Realm State Building is 381 meters (1250 feet) tall; The Burj Khalifa is 828 meters (2717 feet), greater than twice as high.
The Empire State Structure sets you back 41 million dollars; The Burj Khalifa sets you back 36 times that sum.
The Empire State Structure was completed in 1931; The Burj Khalifa was completed 79 years later on, in 2010.

79 years are an eternity in high-rise building terms. Nevertheless, the Empire State Building practically belongs to the stone age of skyscrapers. Just assume that in 1901, thirty years prior to it was built, the highest structure worldwide was a cathedral.

However, the Realm State Structure and the Burj Khalifa have far more alike than satisfies the eye.

Document Breakers

The Empire State Structure was the highest building in the world for over 40 years, from its conclusion in 1931 up until the World Trade Facility was completed in 1972.

The Burj Khalifa was formally opened up in 2010 and has actually been the tallest structure worldwide since. When finished, the Burj Khalifa went beyond Taipei 101, the previous document holder by 319 meters (1050 feet). Just to illustrate the importance of this number, this is the height of the Chrysler Building, the third tallest structure in New york city.

Yet coming to be the tallest structure in the world was just the very first step. Numerous other buildings damaged this record before and were quickly forgotten. These two buildings had various other strategies …

Global Icons

These buildings were built in New York City and Dubai, 2 cities full of high-rise buildings. Yet they had no purpose of ending up being simply another high-rise building in the land of high-rise buildings; they were predestined for eternal magnificence, much like the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower. They were intended to end up being instantaneously recognized sites, signs of their corresponding cities.

From Situation to Situation

The Empire State Building was completed in 1931, the beginning of the Great Anxiety, the most awful economic crisis of the 20th century.

The Burj Khalifa was finished in 2010, on par with the world financial dilemma that commenced in 2007, the most awful economic situation considering that … you thought, the Great Anxiety.

Empty We Stand

Several years after its conclusion, the Realm State Structure stood mostly empty. For several years the earnings from its two observation decks was above the rental fee of the various other 100 floors integrated. It’s not surprising that New Yorkers nicknamed it the “Vacant State Building”.

The Burj Khalifa has not had much better luck. A year after its grand opening, over 90% of the 900 domestic homes of the tower stay empty. Supposedly the costs of these apartment or condos have gone down 80%, an astonishing number, even in a deep economic dilemma.

Stars in the Sky line and in the Movies

But does it really matter just how lucrative they are? Besides, these structures were not built to make loan. They were developed making a declaration. They were developed to reach up to the sky, to become urban legends, movie celebrities.

The Realm State Structure has starred in numerous movies, beginning with ‘King Kong’ in 1933 and together with, ‘Love Affair’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Annie Hall’ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ to mention yet a few. Not only this, yet this excellent spots has likewise shown up in lots of novels of different categories.

The Burj Khalifa has actually not yet appeared in any type of significant movie (sorry, YouTube doesn’t matter), yet Tom Cruise ship has actually currently been spotted on site shooting stunts for his latest movie, ‘Goal Difficult 4’. The Burj Khalifa is so irresistibly high that it is just an issue of time till others follow his steps.

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