Advertising In Dubai

Advertising In Dubai
By Alaa Manawi

Dubai Advertising and marketing Kind:

1- High ways big indication boards
2- Bridges indication
3- Top and side of building advertisements
4- Taxi and bus advertisements
5- Publications and news documents
6- Radio and televisions
7- Fliers and Brochures

Analytics of marketing types:

1- High means big sign boards

Expense start from 300.000 Dhs each year approximately 1,500,000 Dhs per year

Main purpose made use of for: Branding

Eye catch and acknowledging: 7/10

2- Bridges indicator

Expense start from 250.000 Dhs annually as much as 1,000,000 Dhs annually

Main objective utilized for: Branding and promos

Attractive and acknowledging: 6/10

3- Top and side of building advertisements

Expense start from 200.000 Dhs per year as much as 1,000,000 Dhs per year

Main purpose used for: Branding

Attractive and recognizing: 6/10

4- Taxi and bus ads

Expense start from 300,000 Dhs per month as much as 1,500,000

Key objective used for: Branding, advertise services

Attractive and recognizing: 10/10

5- Magazines and news documents

Cost start from 3,000 Dhs per month up to 12,000 Dhs

Key objective made use of for: Branding, promote solutions

Eye catch and recognizing: 7/10

6- Radio and televisions

Expense start from 30,000 Dhs each month as much as 100,000 Dhs/ depends upon the number of the shoots

Key function made use of for: promote services

Ear catch and identifying: -/ 10 Depends on the method of the advertise

7- Fliers and Brochures

Cost begin with 6,000 Dhs approximately 20,000 Dhs/ depends on the number of the fliers, printing and posting

Main objective used for: promote services

Ear catch and recognizing: 9/ 10 Depend upon the way of the design and the services

One of the most efficient advertising types is one of the most attractive even its noise silly or you believe its not severe sufficient, for several days I drive in Dubai looking to the quality of the marketing mostly all is the same absolutely nothing attractive nothing intriguing expect a hardly any ads counted on the fingers that i still keep in mind till now – what I keep in mind is the most appealing, Think of if you brows information paper exactly what is one of the most point that will certainly attract your eyes first, its the pictures due to forget all the words and lines look very same to the eye, its the same with the marketing if you will get on the exact same line as all doing you will certainly not be noticed.

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