Business in the UAE

Business in the UAE
By Mark Benson

The atmosphere bordering business in the UAE has actually changed substantially over the last 10 or Twenty Years with a growing number of abroad business currently much more noticeable compared to before. It is very easy to fail to remember that the UAE was not formed till 1971 and certainly it is just recently, due in the main to the surge of the Dubai economic situation and succeeding autumn, that the location has actually ordered the focus of the around the world press.

The UAE economic situation

There is no question that the economic climate of the United Arab Emirates has actually raised drastically in size over the last decade as overseas loan continues to put right into the region. Despite the chaos surrounding the Dubai residential property market, which saw a number of businesses collapse, many specialists believe that capitalists will certainly return in due course. The area itself is controlled by the economies of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with over 80% of economic activity centred rounded these 2 particular emirates.

Business visas

In order to operate a business in the region there are different hurdles to clear and one is the topic of business visas. Although that the economic climate of the region has actually fallen back rather, according to the globally financial recession, the authorities are still extremely keen to draw in abroad business. Consequently, business visas are easily offered to those able to invest significant amounts of cash in the region or undoubtedly those who have a substantial stake in existing organisations. The reality is that money talks in each and every economy worldwide and where there is demand there will certainly be some exchange in between the authorities and pertinent 3rd parties.

Work regulation

Employment regulation and the UAE are still very much at an onset with a number of firms commenting upon the absence of security for workers. There have been growths in these certain areas yet eventually it will require time to filter through and currently there is no doubt that employees have dramatically less defense compared to those in the Western world. The recent financial collapse saw a massive boost in the variety of business going under and lots of staff members were literally left high and completely dry, owed substantial amount of loan.

Government plans towards business

Over the last years we have actually seen substantial adjustments with regards to the attitude and the plans carried out by the UAE authorities. The area is well prominent as one of the extra positive and onward assuming in the region and where some hesitate to welcome Western services and Western societies, the authorities in the UAE are quite in favour of overseas investment. It will be interesting to see if these ahead thinking plans proceed in the medium to long term since there is no doubt that many see the UAE as a stepping stone to the region.


The business arena in the UAE has actually changed considerably over the last decade and the impact of Western organisations and Western investors is there for all to see. This is most likely to proceed into the future despite some unfavorable remark from some professionals in the area of international business.

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