Call Centre Jobs in Dubai – Opportunities For IT Workers

Call Centre Jobs in Dubai – Opportunities For IT Workers
By Lizza Vanderbilt

The phone call center industry has actually expanded by leaps and bounds recently, with lots of international firms outsourcing their customer service/contact operates to third parties found in other countries and regions around the world, including the Middle East. This is called BPO or business process outsourcing, and the development of this field of the infotech industry includes call centre tasks in Dubai.

A couple of years ago there were labor disputes associating with salaries of telephone call facility agents working in Dubai, yet problems seem to have improved ever since. If you surf the on-line job boards and the websites of worldwide recruitment firms, you’ll see that there’s no scarcity of ask for applicants for telephone call facility placements in Dubai and in other places in the UAE. As a matter of fact, there have been reports that working in a call facility can bring in an earnings of up to 8,000 dirhams a month – that’s about USD2,000. Of course, not everyone that goes there to work as a client get in touch with employee can expect to make that quantity of loan or wage right away.

Nonetheless, it could be an unique and interesting experience – the combination of helping international firms in an always-evolving industry, utilizing the most recent and most high-tech telephone systems tools and software, connecting with other individuals from around the world every day – in a city and nation that’s dynamic with task and packed with opportunities for profession growth … all these and much more could be offered by call facility business in Dubai to both citizens and foreigners..

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