Celebrate the Past, Accentuate the Present and Look Forward to the Future

Celebrate the Past, Accentuate the Present and Look Forward to the Future
ByNaveen Marasinghe

The desert drums are renowned for their strange rhythms and the songs from the flutes and string instruments are often strangely captivating. During the Desert Rhythm Festival, all this and extra from the Asian and global songs scenes are showcased for all areas to appreciate.

Held back to back for over 5 years, the Desert Rhythm Festival is host to the society from Arabia, Turkey, Latin countries, Caribbean, South African, Western and European music styles. Genres consist of Urban, Spirit, Jazz, Standard, World and a lot more. The crowd concerning witness the Desert Rhythm Festival is constantly massive, clamoring for the pole positions months in advance. Musicians and musicians doing at the festival are flown in from all nations, and several of the past entertainers include Kanye West, Mika, Joss Stone and Ziggy Marley.

The Desert Rhythm Festival is normally held between 30th October and Second November each year at the Dubai Festival City. The tickets are valued at AED 250 for the routine, AED 550 for the Gold Circle, AED 12000 for the Platinum and AED 350 for a weekend pass. The festival starts at 4:00 pm.

Besides the songs, the audience can anticipate stomach professional dancers, fire dancers and a selection of international food stalls. A two-story put on hold bar could likewise be discovered at the festival. For 2008, the theme is Halloween and Mardi Gras. Artists for the year consist of Paul Weller, Kassav and Juliana Down.

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