Dubai City Deal Over-blown in Media for Political Gain

Dubai City Deal Over-blown in Media for Political Gain
By Lance Winslow

We have all heard the problems with the Dubai Bargain from Dubai World now, as the variety of Mass TV media perceptions is currently over 5600. The stories also ran in every significant paper, ezine, political website and they are still questioning all of it on Blogs throughout cyberspace. But did you understand that;

Ports are an international event and the United States has international entities, which possess water supply, railroads, mines, Energy generation terminals, air freight terminals, and so on. We have international trade zones where international entities possess building. The port operation was purchased from an International Entity. The Chinese got a port in CA, they “OWN” it. Nobody quit that (Clinton Age, so let’s leave Shrub Admin out of it). How detailed would you like me to get on all the details of all this for you?

The factor I ask is that the media is wrongly reporting truth and in their rush to promote mayhem and controversy in the mass media hysteria of the human venture their audio bytes are coming to be more regarding “shock and wonder” than concerning the truth of life on Earth. Folks that have actually never ever been to a port or enjoyed the operations have no business discussing this. And politicians who use this issue for political gain do so at the hinderance to international connections and our country as a whole. It is due time that the entire reality was reported and not this BS in the news when it come to the Dubai Bargain. Consider all this in 2006.

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