Dubai Vend 2006 Exhibit

Dubai, 12th July 2006 – One year after its successful inauguration in May 2005, the 2nd “Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition” is again set to take place this year from 14-17 November in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and certainly the Middle East’s the majority of vibrant and quickly broadening business hub. Organised and handled by its founders, the Dubai-based prominent occasion management company “In Time Events LLC”, this exhibition is expected to draw in more than 6,000 visitors throughout the course of this 4-day event, displaying an extensive portfolio of the latest in vending devices and its relevant items by more than 170 exhibiting importers, suppliers and traders from all over the world.

As an event special of its kind in the Gulf region and the UAE in specific, this 2nd edition of the “Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition” deals with the specific needs of the quick growing retail industry for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), along with to the open public and governmental organizations, among who also is the Dubai Municipality. The exhibition will be matched by an option of high profile market leaders who will be sharing their ideas on the industry with the audience by giving some thorough background info on the businesses and competitive environment which they are affiliated with The 2nd “Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition” is the ideal platform for decision-makers and other business specialists, such as financial institutions, franchisers, industry experts, associations and private sector agents to satisfy, exchange ideas and create future relationships of sustainable mutual benefit.

On the very same celebration, the “Dubai International Vending Machines Exhibition” will be accompanied by the “Dubai International Soft Drinks Exhibition”, which likewise is to happen throughout the period 14-17 November 2006– Dubai Creek Park having such sophisticated and mutually boosting exhibits in location makes sure a high degree of value contributed to each of these occasions.

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