Dubai’s Nasty Little Secret

Dubai’s Nasty Little Secret
By Susan Kohlback

You have actually seen pictures of the lush new luxury resorts; exclusive islands in the form of hands and Continents of the world. You’ve heard about the entertainment parks for indoor skiing and male made beaches for surfing. You have most likely envisioned the full blast partying that goes on inside all those flashy high-rises. Am I right? Well, you had much better reconsider!

Again Dubai has actually stunned Western cultures by jailing site visitors for minuscule quantities of outlawed materials, and punished these unwary travelers to four years (YES, 4 YEARS!) in jail. An expanding variety of Western travelers that are not aware of the rigorous, no tolerance policy in the United Arab Emirates, for belongings of outlawed compounds, wind up behind bars when extremely innovative screening equipment discovers traces of medicines on their clothes, bags or shoes. A British male was punished recently to 4 years of jail time after screening representatives located a fleck of marijuana in the tread of his tennis shoe (so small it would certainly be practically unseen to the naked eye, much less than one grain of sugar). And you do not have to enter the nation to be targeted for search. A number of innocent travelers were simply transiting through Dubai with a change of aircraft on their means to one more destination.

As reported by the Times Online, “A plain speck of a drug forgotten in a trouser pocket can bring a four-year prison term. Since January 2006, property of even trace amounts of illegal drugs has caused four-year prison terms for foreigners en route with Dubai.The existence of medications in the body is counted as property, the Foreign Office cautions. To puts it simply, Travelers can be incarcerated also if they have no medicines on them: a trace in the blood-stream of a medication eaten before getting in the UAE is enough to protect a jail term. Medicines that are offered with a medical professionals prescription or are also offered over the counter in Europe or the USA could be unlawful in Dubai.”

Much more surprising is the category of poppy seeds as a restricted medication. One very unfortunate fellow hastily ate a roll at Heathrow Airport terminal prior to boarding his aircraft. You presumed it, three poppy seeds fell under his garments, which was enough to get him jailed at the flight terminal in Dubai. Evidently poppy seed ownership can bring a jail term of 15 years. Are you kidding me!!! The Daily Mail reports, “Meanwhile a Big Brother TELEVISION executive has actually so far been held without charge for five days after being apprehended for possessing the health supplement melatonin.” Melatonin is an over the counter solution utilized by countless Westerners to assist relieve the signs of jet lag. Tourists ought to also realize that several typical prescription medicines are outlawed in the UAE whether you have a doctors prescription with you or otherwise.

To be on the risk-free side, take a look at the US State Division’s traveling consultatory website for the United Arab Emirates. You have no concept just exactly how limiting it mores than there! Individuals are called for to possess a personal liquor certificate, also in their very own houses, to appreciate a beer or glass of wine. Visitor resorts absolutely offer alcohol in their restaurants and bars, yet the intake of alcohol anywhere else is strictly restricted.

And you had much better not discover fault with your hotel bill or restaurant tab either. You guessed right, your key will be seized and you will be detained until the matter is fixed to their satisfaction.

So the next time you see one of those flashy television specials about how fantastic it remains in Dubai, think again, and invest your loan in a country with a reasonable judicial system.

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