Flavours of Dubai – Culture

Flavours of Dubai – Culture
By Shalini Agraawal

Its lively and pulsating night life attracts singers and artists from all across the world. Popular dance teams from Europe and The U.S.A. routinely cover the Dubai circuit as do ballet business and theatre teams. Cultural programs, theater plays, track and dance performances open up to packed houses on weekend breaks making the city a magnet for culture aficionados.

Offering the best of food and home entertainment, Dubai’s watering holes are essentially the second house to event animals that love to enjoy the vibrant ambience of these locations. On your next holiday to Dubai do visit the African Star Club, a place where you can shake to the beat of African drums and enjoy tasty Ethiopian food. For even more excitement, visit the Mayfair hotel where you could find the Sundowner, a fantastic place to loosen up, unwind and play videogames. You can even attempt your hand at swimming pool or examine your voice at the karaoke maker. Head to the Garage Club and juke joint if you intend to jive and rock to the beats of some amazing music.

Playing golf fanatics should make a journey to the 19th hole of the Hyatt Regency’s Golf Park that has a bar devoted exclusively to customers of this sophisticated sporting activity. If you actually intend to discover Dubai’s social landscape after that you must visit a few of its museums. Make a journey to the Heritage and Diving town that not just organizes a craft fair but likewise offers fascinating glimpses right into the city’s middle ages past. See the Sharjah Islamic gallery that uses interesting understandings right into Islamic ideological background where you will get an alternative sight of Islam a religion misinterpreted by lots of.

To understand contemporary Dubai history, check out the H.H Sheikh Saeed Residence that served as the seat of the federal government throughout the 20th century. Before you conclude your Dubai vacations, do go to the Narish Khyam, a gallery that offers site visitors a glimpse into Dubai’s unique watercraft culture. It’s hard to obtain an in-depth understanding of Dubai’s social landscape in one trip. You need to see this Emirate again and again to recognize the finer details of its unique Bedouin society.

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