Job Opportunities in Dubai

Job Opportunity

Situated in United Arab Emirates, Dubai is not only counted as the world’s fastest growing and emerging cities but also as one of the hotbed for lucrative job opportunities and employment. As per the stats, it has been determined out that about thirty new organizations get introduced in the city each week from last several years. Irrespective of the fact in increase in jobs in Dubai, the major point of discussion is that why Dubai is so much pleasing and alluring to live as well as work in? One of the biggest answers of the same is tax free. If you work and live around the area you are going to be paid your salary without any tax deduction from it. In Dubai, direct personal taxation is not allowed and against the law, in turn what you are earning is completely yours and only yours.

If you are specifically looking in any domain or area like IT, tourism, finance or media, and are educated in the same, there are lots of jobs in Dubai waiting to be seized up. Each year, thousands of international people are heading to the city to become part of the professional world and make some good, tax free money. In the similar way, if you are exploring ways to introduce your own business there, government has introduced already several incentives for overseas organizations and businesses to take up in the free trade zones. At present, there are about 15 free trade zones and more 7 have been planned to set up in coming years. Such zones let overseas businesses to not only establish themselves but also grow without any corporate taxes and shareholding structure. With time, very quickly you will understand and realize the reason behind plenty of jobs in the city.

To work in the city, you need to get a residency visa and work permit. Most of the employers get it all sorted for their employees once they were given offer letter and appointed. But if you are on a vacation, you will get the tourist visa depending on the country you belong to and could use the chance to explore job opportunities there. A difference in the organizations, one must notice is the working hours which you will become habitual to soon. Most of them close for some time at afternoon and Friday tends to be a holiday or a day when no meetings are usually held. As a city, Dubai is very lively, dynamic and unbelievable. The living standard of people is amazing and the social life is very much fast paced to entertain and have fun. So just, work hard, play and live freely and enjoy the wonders of the city like golf, indoor skiing, sand dune bashing, desert safari and much more.

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