La Martina Marks Continued Middle Eastern Success With Second Flagship Store

La Martina Marks Continued Middle Eastern Success With Second Flagship Shop
By Koray Yilmaz

Earlier this year we reported on La Martina, an Argentina brand name known generally among polo players. La Martina is the official brand of the polo sport in Argentina. Last year, their opening of their first Middle Eastern shop was consulted with both suspicion and mindful optimism. The store launched in the Dubai Shopping mall last year as a flagship shop in the shopping mall. This taking place throughout a time of economic depression and feeling airborne in Dubai that the “Bubble” had ruptured.

Nonetheless, this year it is apparent that in spite of the risk and unfavorable economic circumstances the move right into the Dubai Shopping center was another well suggested move by La Martina. They have actually now introduced the launch of their second store in the oil abundant state. This moment the shop will be opened up in the Mall of the Emirates, additionally situated in Dubai.

Several fashion residences across the world have actually understood the potential of establishing markets. Including yet not limited to Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Which all have broadened strongly right into advertising in Asia and the Middle East.

La Martina remains to maintain its picture as the garments of selection for the elite. Polo lovers may discover the brand has actually removaled far away from its initial roots. Nonetheless, in concept the brand still attempts to appeal to its core audience, which is polo enthusiasts. Every brand-new La Martina outlet is developed under a principle that they call “La Casona” which means home. Every store is created to make the customer feel like they are visiting a famous Argentinian polo gamers residence. Credibility of the experience and the brand name’s image is of perpetual significance. Specifically at a price tag of 200$ or more for a polo tee shirt.

Koray Yilmaz is a style writer. He has a passion in the brand La Martina [] and frequently creates on their progression as they increase worldwide.