Lost in the Sands of Time

Lost in the Sands of Time
By Antonu Bezboruah

A federation of sheikhdoms found in SE Arabia, UAE especially Dubai has experienced tremendous growth in the last few decades. Today, Dubai is a destination for the rich as well as the poor people taking a trip from numerous regions and seeking a great lifestyle, adequate cash, and joy. Every materialistic possession has a cost and Dubai is capable of quenching every thirst, be it purchasing, eating, wining, and womanizing.

Even with all the pomp and splendour, Dubai has its darker sides also. Human trafficking and prohibited migration of sex employees and children from Eastern Europe, Indonesia, and various other Oriental countries still prevails and the UAE management at times looks helpless to clean up this place. As soon as taken into consideration divine, this region has actually become a place where Arabs and upscale Emiratis involve wrong, delight, and celebrate. The huge demand for sex workers has led to trafficking of innocent women tempted into this trade voluntarily or forcibly. There are numerous instances where women are promised good works in the service industry, but end up in the hands of unethical pimps or savage employers.

Not long ago, trafficking of young children to the Gulf and employing them as camel jockeys stunned civils rights companies throughout the world. As approximated, the UAE has more than two million camels and camel races are preferred. These poor children are hardly paid and their living problems are terrible. They are additionally starved to maintain their weight lighter to race faster. Unless the management put their feet down and stop all the illegal human trafficking the circumstance wouldn’t improve. These bad individuals pertaining to the Gulf to enhance their economic scenario are dealing with dreadful days and soon they will be shed in the sands of time.

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