Many Folks Wish to Nix the Dubai Port Deal

Many Folks Wish to Nix the Dubai Port Deal
By Lance Winslow

After the media storm and political power grab over the Dubai World port operation deal it appears lots of are up in arms. Many of those who are against the deal have no idea about exactly what they are discussing. Few of them have actually ever before even watched port procedures in action and even been to a port. Recently a Political Blogger asked; “Would not that make us dependent on them for every little thing that was available in and out of America?” when it come to Dubai World.

The brief answer is No. No it would certainly not. If you imply suppose they [Dubai World] purposefully caused bottlenecks and thus hurt our economy? Well I have a concern for you after that; “Oh you suggest like our very own Longshoremen unions when they went on strike in CA right?” You see those are Americans and they screwed us a whole lot worse bear in mind? As industry was approximated at shedding some 1 Billion Dollars each day from that strike by Longshoremen and their strike was due to the fact that they did not intend to have a computer system carried out, they desired $100,000 per year “unioned workers” to check every container by way of a clip board keep in mind.

That would certainly have harmed port protection a great deal extra if we had remained with the old system. And some think that a simple slide of the hand and containers with contraband were undoubtedly getting through in the past. Just how quickly we forget that concern. And who do you think is causing all this commotion this time? The very same Longshoreman in addition to Legislator Clinton and Shewman, that obviously had press releases in hand informing us that Dubai World was “acquiring 6 ports” no, incorrect they are mosting likely to run different port operations under contract? The Left power grab and incited unions trying to make waves, political elections have to be coming up and somebody is trying to look as if they are lead front-runners on the War on Fear over the Republican Event. This is all purely politics. Consider this in 2006.

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