Planning to Visit Dubai Desert Safari



Are you planning to tour Dubai and UAE? If yes, make sure to make a round to desert safari Dubai that could be a beautiful memory to not only share with your loved ones and friends but also be worth each penny you will spend. Along with desert safari, dune bashing tours are very much famous there and even you can ask and take feedback from anyone who has been there before and can tell the fun and entertainment one could have there. Most of the agents in the city proffer similar kind of experience but at different prices. It is in fact the skill of drivers, campsite facilities and the insurance that distinct them.

The most popular and recommended tour is the Desert Safari Dubai and dune bashing done with a BBQ dinner. There are even day trips but could be uncomfortable and uneasy as the temperature reaches to often 55 degrees. Night tours are also there that could be a lot of fun and enjoyable but might be not too convenient for some people. It is always recommended to follow some tips before going for the safari desert like mentioned below.

  • The entire tour takes around 6-8 hours so be prepared for the same.
  • Try to have a light meal so that it would not upset your stomach. Dune bashing is quite bumpy and could make some people nauseous.
  • Make sure to take sunglasses, a hat, and a camera.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Take some cash with you as you may need it at the comfort stop for snacks, purchasing souvenirs etc.
  • The tour demands you to be in and out of the vehicle many times so try to wear flip flops or sandals as sand will get inside your shoes for sure.
  • There is absolutely no need to get worried as the drivers are highly skilled and trained and are in perfect control of vehicles.
  • At the campsite, grab a secure place before participating in other activities especially if you are with a large group.
  • Before dinner, there are myriad number of activities in which you can participate like dressing up in traditional form, henna, smoking an apple shisha, having Arabic coffee and teas, camel rides, tattoos, and more.

Adding to this, desert safaris are a lot of fun and pleasant and worth spending your time in the afternoon or evening. Do not think too much, simply leave yourself in the hands of expert drivers, go along the ride, enjoy and entertain the Arabic hospitality, bring back good memories, and lots more. Just remember, you are in the desert and there is a lot to be amused and feel lively.

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