Sandboarding in Dubai

Sandboarding in Dubai
By Emma Healey

Sandboarding or Sand Searching as it is frequently called is extremely just like snowboarding, the primary difference being that it happens on sand dunes as opposed to snow slopes. The sport involves moving down sand dunes with your feet strapped to a board. Extra experienced people don’t band themselves to the board yet this is taken into consideration to be harmful, especially for novice boarders. Rates of up to 60mph have been recorded by sandboarders in Dubai. Much like snowboarding it is best to start with the smaller dunes and progress to the much steeper ones.

Traditional snowboards could be made use of for sandboarding yet it is best to use a board made from more challenging materials like formica, laminex and fibre glass compound. To make sure a smooth trip over the sand you will should wax your board with a paraffin based wax.

Dubai is an incredibly popular place for Sandboarding as it has vast locations of desert with plenty of dune. Since problems are excellent throughout the year you can sandboard in Dubai at any time, whilst snowboarding is reliant on good snowfall and might not be available at particular times of the year. Much of the larger dunes obtain very busy with local people and visitors so it is best to find quieter smaller dunes. A few of the dunes are 200-300m high, the greatest one is called Big Red and is preferred so it is best to prevented by novices. The best time to sandboard in the Dubai desert is in the early morning prior to the temperature gets expensive, remember to take lots of breaks in the color and drink plenty of water to make sure that you do not dry out or obtain sun-stroke! Mid-days can be spent taking a camel ride or exploring the dunes on a dune buggy.

The very best way to get to the desert from Dubai is by a 4-wheel-drive vehicle. The trip right into the desert from Dubai generally takes about half an hour and you could either employ your own transportation or make use of among the business which provide the vehicle and vehicle driver. It is typically best to utilize one of the tour companies as they understand the desert far better compared to any person.

Sandboarding is a need to do for adrenaline junkies on their plan vacations to Dubai. A fun time to browse through is late January to early February when the annual ‘Hugo International Sandboarding Championships’ are kept in the Dubai desert.

Look out for the fantastic straight vacations to Dubai that are constantly available throughout the internet and delight in some thrilling sandboarding.

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