Short Story – Marriages Are Made In Heaven

Short Story – Marriages Are Made In Heaven
By Kk Subramanian

I was determined to obtain a work, any task, throughout this world!

After my return from Dubai, where I could serve for a couple of years, my strategies to return did not materialise and I felt restless. Now you can visualize my happiness, when I was called for a meeting in a match manufacturing facility at Mangalore.

There was absolutely nothing much to chat; they desired a manager and I was found ideal. I didn’t even ask about my wage or conditions of service. As an orphan raised by my uncle, that was none too well off, I wanted to be free. And currently I seemed like a bird.

My work was simple and called for no rigorous, grinding effort, as held true in Dubai.

My employer was extremely pleased and he used to invite me for evening tea, really typically indeed. He wanted to find out about my experience in Dubai and I utilized to wax eloquently, particularly if his lovely little girl existed, which was frequently the case. She may be around thirty and I used to wonder why she remained unmarried so long, yet risked not ask my employer, though we were so friendly. Why ask something undesirable, specifically where I was not worried?

Time passed like a sweet desire, never visualizing it will certainly finish one day. Or, why should it?

Eventually, while loitering in the town, as was my practice, delighting in the liberty of a bachelor, I met an employee of our factory who seemed near the employer. I desired him and will move, when he requested me to stop and hear him. Any major matter?- I asked.

No, absolutely nothing – was the reply.

So we mosted likely to a coffee house; I ordered something to consume too, as I was actually hungry.

After a commendable silence, he asked me whether I was unmarried. I was amazed! I imagined him to be the father of a dozen women between 6 and sixteen, eager to resolve a minimum of one issue by netting me in. I was naturally cautious. Yes, I agreed, never ever thought of it.

He seemed relieved. He quickened to add that our employer wished to know it. After that why didn’t he ask me?

The following time I went there, I watched her meticulously. Oh! She is so sweet, I never ever knew it. I intended to speak with her alone, but did not mobilize the guts to tell the father. He directly recommended and I readily agreed.

The days seemed dressed in rainbow coloured shroud. The yard greener compared to ever, the air sweet as honey! Exactly how could an ordinary person like me, be so fortunate, to have a genuine appeal as wife?

I gave thanks to God. Within a month, we were married in a simple ceremony, as was her father’s dream.

The opening night came. She quietly entered the nuptial chamber, walking slowly as a fairy. I humiliated her and began chatting endlessly … There was no response. I clapped my hands, she really did not hear. I shouted at her. She remained like ice.

The entire world seemed shaking backwards and forwards, like a boat captured in a tornado. After that, I realised my responsibility as a duly wedded hubby and pressed her into the bed!