Soaking in the Culture in Dubai

Soaking in the Culture in Dubai
By Huzaili Aris

In the years after the initial oil problem of 1973, when the Arab world took various instructions of growth as a result of greatly boosted oil earnings, Dubai opened itself to the cultural influences of the West. In consequence, Dubai became an amalgam of points Western in a Middle Eastern setup and history, a hodge-podge of Eastern and Western cultures. It is familiarly westernized, yet keeps that wonderfully charming Mideast color and taste. It is homogeneous in its diversity, instead like an arabesque of unified shades, or the short skirt and the abayah existing side-by-side in a cooperative relationship.

As image, Dubai as a Muslim country commemorates Eid al Fitr, the last day of Ramadan, as a wondrous occasion, but also welcomes the Dubai Purchasing Festival that brings in more than four million visitors every year, with virtually equal significance. During the festival, simply exploring the large shopping malls like the Shopping mall of the Emirates, BurJuman, the Ibn Battuta Shopping mall and the Deira City Center can wear down one’s energies in a week, yet will absolutely increase the cravings to purchase the myriad products of every type and value. The Dubai Summer season Surprises, an event of amusements, is as valued as the National Day, anniversary of the establishment of the United Arab Emirates to which Dubai belongs.

Dubai’s laissez-faire attitude in the direction of life is exhibited by its cuisine. There is of course the Arabian food, which is well-known and well-liked, and could be discovered in small cafes as well as luxury restaurants in lots of huge resorts, which certainly, will provide European, American and some Asian food as well. Arabian food has a great complying with on top of ‘first-timer’ travelers tasting the preparations. What is considerable is that Chinese food preparation is also very popular, therefore does the fast-food -or ready-to-eat- style of dining, in the emirate and city. This indicates cosmopolitan preferences in the citizens along with site visitors.

Pork is not very thanks for visiting the residents yet is readily available to outsiders and travelers under particular terms and in specific areas. So is alcohol, yet to imbibe wines or alcohol, a license needs to be gotten from the authorities. Night clubs, bars and nightclubs are primarily located inside the larger resorts because of the liquor restrictions. There are -and have to be-limits, for besides, Dubai is still Arabian and Muslim.

For home entertainment, Hollywood and Bollywood are both very much accepted; the annual Dubai International Movie Festival luring film characters from the West to communicate in a pleasurable ambience with celebrities from the Arab world. For songs, Santana, Celine Dion, Elton John, Phil Collins, Aerosmith, Diana Haddad and other have performed in Dubai, apart from numerous steel and rock musicians that did throughout the Dubai Rock Festival.

Cricket and football are the most prominent sports in Dubai, which bespeaks of Continental impact. Tennis and golf are additionally played extensively, sometimes by world-famous figures.

So it is really sensible for the New York Times, in a current study, to name Dubai as one most popular travel location for 2008. Most likely to Dubai and see why it is quite warranted.

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