The Charm of the Dubai Desert and Its Wild Life

The Charm of the Dubai Desert and Its Wild Life
By Madan G Singh

The Arabian Peninsula is host to the little state of Dubai. We understand that entire Arabian Peninsula is basically a desert with a few arid mountains and hills as part of the landscape. Dubai is no exemption and has a comparable landscape.

The desert is not exactly what we usually think of as barren and in hospitable. It indeed has a charm of its own. But the trouble of shortage of water is universal and conditions the life in the desert. On top of that the day temperatures are high and the evening temperatures low because of the peculiar property of sand. In Dubai the desert temperature levels could vary to great extremes.

As a result of the severe heat their is a big result on wild life. Hence only pets that can hold up against the warmth could survive in the desert. Thus most pets like the sandskunk and sand boa move swiftly below the surface area of loose sand or spend time in deep burrows and holes. A lot of types emerge just during the night when the desert is cooler.

Birds can make it through only in the desert if they are resistant as birds like pets can not tunnel in the sand. Consequently a whole lot numerous varieties move to cooler areas.

The UAE has few bird types. Nevertheless the desert eagle, long legged buzzard, little owl and the brownish necked raven can be seen in the desert. Additionally the cream tinted courser and the black crowned finch are also seen. During the cold weather these local species are joined by migratory birds from central Asia like the warbler and hauberk bustard.

Nevertheless the deserts do teem with a fair number of reptiles. These are the primary animals which inhabit the desert. Giant desert lizards and keep track of gauging a meter in length are rather usual. Snakes additionally make it through in the desert sands and the dangerous desert viper does rule the roost. The majority of snakes burrow in the sand and appear only when the sun is not there.

Animals are the most awful patients in the desert. Hence within the last century a slow-moving termination of mammals has actually happened. However some desert range of wolf, striped hyena and jackal have survived.In enhancement 2 types of gazelle including the hill gazelle can be seen on the major roadways between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Another exotic animal that could be seen is the sand pet cat. However it is close to extinction. But now poaching and any kind of kind of eliminating wild life in the desert are strictly prohibited.

The desert has actually now been opened as much as vacationers and they could see the sand dunes as they swell in unison. They could likewise see a kind of greenery like palm trees whose origins reach to the aquifer. In the desert the springtime rainfalls are eagerly awaited and they bring welcome respite from the warm. The desert in Dubai definitely has a beauty of its own and is well worth a browse through.