What’s the Weather Really Like in Dubai?

What’s the Weather Really Like in Dubai?
By Emma M Henry

Numerous individuals are inquisitive concerning the weather condition in Dubai. Certain, it does get as exceptionally warm as everyone boasts! Do not end up being misled though because in most cases, Dubai has wonderful climatic conditions combined with a great quantity of warm days and there are a lot of months throughout the year with less severe temperature ranges. Good bright days are regular throughout Dubai, easy to understand considering that it’s a dry, subtropical, local climate.

Dubai traveling and recreation is enormously seasonal, because of the weather condition aspects. Vacationers primarily steer clear of the summer months (July – September) and with great justification considering that temperature levels integrated with humidity generally escalate. A normal temperature throughout a Dubai summer season can be 41 C (106 F) additionally it can reach to 48 C (118 F), specifically in the indoor sections of the Emirate. A Dubai summertime could conveniently see humidity degrees climbing to 90%, which makes it very miserable for the people adventurous (or possibly ridiculous) sufficient to endeavor outside the house for long periods of time.

The weather around Dubai is far more comfortable from October onwards with an evident decreasing of temps right after the summertime. The optimum time of the year with regard to vacationers to go to Dubai is October & November together with March & April as a result of its much less extreme temperature levels. Precipitation even though irregular, may occur during the winter season of December-February. The normal rains in Dubai for the entire year is in the order of 1300mm (rather over 5 inches). Significant variances of rainfall in Dubai takes place from year to year with regular dry years or potentially around 108.8 mm falling in a 4 weeks! The skies throughout the winter time can be over cast and unsettled. The winter-spring seasonal changeover produces Shamals that could be identified by strong gusts of wind together with periodically showery conditions and sandstorms.

Monthly common temperatures within Dubai:

– January – Max 24 C (75 F), Minutes 14 C (57 F).
– February – Max 25 C 77 F), Minutes 15 C (59 F).
– March – Max 28 C (82 F), Minutes 17 C (63 F).
– April – Max 33 C (91 F), Min 21 C (70 F).
– May – Max 38 C (100 F), Min 25 C (77 F).
– June -Max 40 C (104 F), Min 27 C (81 F).
– July – Max 41 C (106 F), Minutes 30 C (86 F).
– August – Max 41 C (106 F), Min 30 C (86 F).
– September – Max 39 C (102 F), Minutes 28 C (82 F).
– October – Max 35 C (95 F), Minutes 24 C (75 F).
– November – Max 31 C (88 F), Minutes 20 C (68 F).
– December – Max 26 C (79 F), Minutes 16 C (61 F).

To summarize, Dubai climate condition are marked with almost year-round sunlight and little rain. Those who are preparing to visit Dubai should certainly, where feasible base their very own getaway around the moment framework of the year that they will certainly best delight in their very own travel as per the ordinary yearly climatic problems.

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