Wonderland – A Fun Filled Theme Park For The Whole Family

Wonderland – A Fun Filled Theme Park For The Whole Family
By Naveen Marasinghe

Wonderland in Dubai is the largest amusement park in United Arab Emirates. It is a remarkable place filled with impressive flights and enjoyment centers and is referred to as among the very best amusement park in the region. The park lies along with Dubai Creek Park near Al-Garhoud Bridge. It’s a huge theme park including a variety of trips and a top quality water park of over 22 acres. It has sufficient totally free vehicle parking and easy access from the city. Since its opening in 1996 over 2 million site visitors have seen this huge theme park.

A few of the significant rides at the park include Spinning Coaster, Roto-Shake, Activity Arm, Log Flume, Room Shot, Pirate Ship, Scary Home and much more. The children’s flights section features flights such as Red Baron, Convoy, Mini Bumper Cars, Balloon Trip, Swing Chairs, Mini Pirate ship and a lot more. The 22 acre water park is a main attraction with a number of flights and tasks. The Water Haze Show and the Water Movie theater are leading 2 functions at the theme park. The Sports Pool, Adult Activity Swimming pool, Fire the Rapid, Whirlwind and Dragon Pool are also areas of interest at the theme park.

Wonderland is a wonderful day out for the whole family. The park has 6 dining establishments and treat stores besides the mobile refreshment carts strolling via the park. Mithu’s nest, Main Road Café, The Palm terrace and Jasmine balcony are the four fast food restaurants that supply fantastic solutions and dining centers. Apart from that, an Ice Cream Parlour and a Treat shop and Café provide great snacks and drinks for those who prefer a quick dish.

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